扫雷群规则图10一200acriss' code of conduct was created in 1992 for our car rental and travel technology members to follow and adhere to when providing information and services through computer reservation systems, gds global distribution systems and broker systems for all rentals locations in europe.

扫雷群规则图10一200over the years the code of conduct has been updated with the latest information and rental requirements including new codes and definitions all of which were published in the relevant sections of our website.

in 2018 we added our newtransfers vdsi section and continued to update definitions and remove out of date information.    

扫雷群规则图10一200in october 2019 we completed a major change to our code of conduct since it was first created, in order to bring it up to date with a more modern feel and new requirements including new emphasis on the rules, responsabilities and practice of our members and associates within and around acriss whilst still aiming to provide all the information and guidelines necessary to book both car rental and transfers through all forms of electronic distribution systems.

the code is available to download below and includes 7 annexes which are already referenced on the website.

Click here to download our new ACRISS Code of Conduct

  • ANNEX A - Location and Rate Quote Information and Definitions-   
  • ANNEX B - Car Classification code and Vehicle codes -
  • ANNEX C - Special equipment and Ancillaries codes –  
  • ANNEX D - Additional Features Terminology – 
  • ANNEX E - VDSI Service Categories –  
  • ANNEX F - VDSI Policies –  
  • ANNEX G - VDSI Optional Extras –   

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