扫雷群规则图10一200the acriss image cloud was devised as an easy to implement solution to resolve the issue of outdated vehicle images and specifications.  the system enables all the car rental companies to ‘push’ their vehicle image and fleet data to their preferred partners, rather than the partner having to come to the individual car rental companies.

扫雷群规则图10一200 the image cloud is able to support the individual data upload capabilities of each car rental company (in their own format), and convert that data into a single, partner preferred output regardless of source.  each car rental company is able to define their format as part of setting up their brand/brands in the application to ensure data upload is as simple as possible.

export partners can receive the data by several methods including email or push technologies.

扫雷群规则图10一200the acriss image cloud allows the car rental companies to provide fleet data as a full export or incremental export as frequently as they want. once a new export has been created the partner would receive it in the next scheduled export.

If you would like more information, please contact us on info@yuehq.com or click on this link to download the pdf version扫雷群规则图10一200 of our Infographic.

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